What is Sniffy?

Sniffy is a mobile application that provides dog owners with professional, on-demand and affordable dog training support. We are working with certified dog trainers and behaviorists, providing dog owners with tailored training plans that can be practiced individually, training tracking that helps owners keep consistency in training, and one-on-one consultation with trainers.

Amazing Features

On-demand Training

Video-based training content is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Training Tracking

Reminder of the daily assignments helps you keep consistent in the training.

Individual Consultation

Video call with a professional trainer to solve your training issues.

Our Philosophy

Our training is based on setting your dog up for success while using proven, positive-reinforcement, and non-punishment training. It is effective and professional as well as easy and fun.

Our mission is to help you build trust with your dog and make life more enjoyable.

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Our Partners

We care about you and your dog, so do they.

Stacy Fleming
Certified Canine Behavior Consultant
Katie Kruger
New York State Licensed Breeder

Contact Info

125 Tech Park Dr #1100, Rochester, NY 14623